Problems calibrating

Troubleshoot issues with the Tarantula
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Problems calibrating

Post by vitust » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:48 pm

Hi everyone Im new in this community , and i have some troubles with my new tevo tarantula 3d printer. I have installed de enstops, and when i order to print, the x axis start to hit with the opposite side, per 3 seconds, and never goes down properly to start printing on the bed.

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Re: Problems calibrating

Post by royg » Sun Nov 05, 2017 2:02 am

I assume that your printer is newly assembled and has not yet printed anything. If that is not the case, then please ignore the rest of this post, and get back to us with a bit more detailed information about the problem .....

I also assume that you are using your printer with the firmware that was installed on the MKSBase 1.4 main board before the board left the Tevo factory. If you've already flashed new firmware onto your printer, then please let us know, as incorrectly configured firmware can cause this problem. But if you're still using the factory installed firmware, then the only way that the factory firmware could cause the problem is if the installed firmware is corrupted in some way, which is unlikely.

If I understand your problem correctly, when you issue a "Home All Axes" command (by whatever method), the X Axis moves away from the X Axis End Stop Micro Switch, instead of towards the X Axis End Stop Micro Switch.

If this was occurring on the Y Axis, I'd simply say that you have installed your Y Axis Stepper Motor on the wrong side - which causes the Y Axis to travel in the opposite direction to what has been commanded, and is easily fixed

BUT, in your case, the problem is with the X Axis. Having the X Axis carriage running in the opposite direction to what was commanded, is not a common problem with the assembly of the Tarantula. But, it might be possible if you have the assembly reversed somehow. There are ways of customising the firmware to make the X Axis Carriage travel in the opposite direction, but I think that the first step should be to make sure that the printer is assembled correctly.

To help diagnose the problem further, can you please post some photos that show the X Axis assembly. If we can check your assembly from those photos, we should be able to identify if it's an assembly error that's causing the problem. If there's no assembly problem that we can identify, then we can then move onto more diagnostics, and possibly software fixes.

The sort of photos that would help, are photos of:

1) The X Axis Stepper Motor area, from the front, back, and both sides of the printer.

2) Photograph of the X Axis Stepper Motor cable where it connects to the main board.

3) General Overview Photographs of the whole of your printer, viewed from the front and the back.

Waiting for your response .....

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