No bed heating with Marlin

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No bed heating with Marlin

Post by Tonymill » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:15 am

Hi guy's (and gals), I recently updated my firmware from the standard retail one to the Marlin 1.1 bugfixed. I can no longer heat the bed and the control in the display for it (temperature), has disappeared. I was told that it is disabled by default in Marlin but am at a loss to find the command after spending all morning looking...doh! Any ideas?. if not, does anyone have a copy of the standard firmware they could email to me at

Problem now sorted....In Configuration.h file the command TEMP_SENSOR_BED 0 should be set to TEMP_SENSOR_BED 1.


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Re: No bed heating with Marlin

Post by royg » Sun Jul 09, 2017 12:35 am


"Marlin 1.1 Bugfixed" is getting to be fairly old now. The current version of Marlin is 1.1.4, with Version 2.0 due soon. 1.1.4 contains many improvements and bug fixes, that are not included in 1.1 Bugfixed.

At the moment, the most up to date and best maintained Marlin Firmware seems to be Jim Brown's Marlin Firmware, which is discussed in this forum post (viewtopic.php?f=18&t=30&p=695#p695) and which can be downloaded from Github at Jim's Github page contains some instructions on using this firmware, as does the post on this forum.

Jim Brown's firmware contains four (4) different configuration files that address most of the different Tarantula Configurations. If you have a Large Bed Tarantula, with BLTouch, that configuration is not yet included in Jim Brown's Firmware, but I can provide you with a copy that has passed testing and works well. If you need a copy of the Large Bed Tarantula with BLTouch Firmware, please message me.

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