Troubleshoot issues with the Little Monster
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Post by hubert » Wed Jan 03, 2018 1:31 pm

Good morning,

I have a brand new Little Monster : I do not have the calibration menu on the screen.
Can you help ?
Best regards

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Re: Calibration

Post by Redemptioner » Fri Jan 05, 2018 3:36 am

connect via the usb with pronterface, then type in the G-code in this order

G28 (send printer to home)
G29 (run a full calibration)
M500 (save changes)

Once you have done this then power cycle the printer and reconnect to pronterface then
G28 (home)
G0 Z0 (go to where it thinks Z 0 is)
- use the jog commands 0.1 to jog down till it grabs a piece of papper (1 jog up should not hold paper, one jog down holds paper)
M306 Z0 (set the new Z 0 point where head is now)
M500 (Save changes)
- power cycle the printer.

Make sue you are ready to pull the power on first calibration in case you connected BL touch the wrong way, I suggest putting a paddle pop stick in the middle of the bed where the nozzle would impact as an emergency impact protection (just not where the BL touch with hit).
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