Y,Z end stops not working

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Y,Z end stops not working

Post by Torgil » Sat Jan 20, 2018 5:49 pm

Need help with controller board which seems faulty from manufacturing.

Auto-calibration fails for me, after bed heats up LM pulls the extruder to end position. Only the X limit switch seems to work as that has the red LED lit and when the it reach the top motor stops and the LED is off. Y and Z motors tries to pull past the end-switch, it bounces a few times and auto-calibration aborts.

Measuring voltages on the connectors (see attachment) it seems clear to me that Y and Z connectors are faulty mounted (rotated 180 degrees), all connectors have 4.5V, 0V, and 3.2V on the same pins but Y and Z connectors are upside down. Limit switches work (tested by connecting all of them one by one with the cable intended for X).

I should probably get a new board from TEVO here but that may take a while (no mail answer either). However, I can easily rotate them to save time etc.

Can anyone here confirm from my attachment that Y and Z limit switch connectors rotated 180 degrees?
Two other connectors (see attachment) is mounted in the same rotation, should these be rotated as well (eg should all connectors have same rotation)?
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Re: Y,Z end stops not working

Post by Redemptioner » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:49 pm

Yes, all should be voltage, ground, signal from right to left. Keep in mind there will be a 5V output for the signal on the one for the Z-probe (BL touch).

It is super strange for these to be connected up differently as they are set as traces on the PCB, you can try changing the pin layout on one of the connectors (just lift the tabs gently on the connector with an exactor knife), if this works then at least you will be up and running.

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