First layer print not printing evenly

Troubleshoot issues with the Little Monster
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First layer print not printing evenly

Post by steveo78 » Fri Sep 21, 2018 10:43 pm

Hi everybody, My first layer on my Little Monster is not printing evenly. I have tried recalibrating the machine to find the new z axis. I have rotated the print(to see if its in the code) and re-set the zero height in the G-code. Im stumped! anyone encounter this?

I have posted a picture for reference it seems like half of the print is too low and the other half is to high.

thank you all
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Re: First layer print not printing evenly

Post by Lee » Tue Sep 25, 2018 6:27 pm

Though I don't have a LM, I do have another brand delta. Does your bed have level adjusters? I found those much easier than trying to handle it with software/firmware.
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Re: First layer print not printing evenly

Post by Xerxes » Sat Oct 13, 2018 11:54 pm

I found issues printing large objects as well.. The glass is not completely flat.. I think distortion mapping can help which is built into the calibration routine. But the bed sticker can warp more than the distortion mapping can help (as does the glass a little bit.)

I know the supplied sticker is pretty good for adhesion, but it will wear out eventually (mine lasted 10 prints on ABS, some people get way more, some less), and bubble and bulge, increasing any issues with flatness on the bed or creating new issues.. Looks like you're printing PLA, I believe you can print that directly using adhesives onto the glass. This is what I recommend - get rid of the sticker, and print on the glass for the best result. If the glass is not flat enough, source a piece of flatter borosilicate glass to sit on top of your bed.

I've been printing quite a while with the TLM, and mine is heavily modified, but I found the easiest solution for the bed is simply to remove the sticker and use the heated glass bed directly. I've tried PEI and buildtak stickers (they both sucked and wore out immediately.)

The best adhesive for ABS is ABS juice applied by putting acetone on the glass and rubbing an ABS puck on it.

I assume this will hold true for PLA as well. Use glass and use an adhesive.

I've seen recommendations for PLA on glass which include vinegar to clean, followed with sugar water to adhere. Or purple gluestick (any PVA based glue you can wipe on will work.)

There are also bunch of commercial bed adhesive options available.. but plenty of household things that work just as well for various other filaments.

Good luck!

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