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Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:17 am
by Xerxes
ABS printed at 120mm/s on a heavily modified TLM with bowden setup using all the stock hardware and electronics. Also with TL smoothers that have heatsinks on them. This setup also has a 60cm bowden tube and the extruder is outside the enclosure (on the side.)

The printer settings are: active heated enclosure (50C), bed temp 110C (all layers), hotend temp 245 for 3dBenchy, 255 for PSU box. Higher temp was needed for box as my extruder at this speed and layer height was having trouble forcing enough filament though the 0.6mm nozzle.

The slicer used is Simplify3d, which has TLM config out of the box. But I have has similar good results from Slic3r Prusa edition (using modified Prusa I3 config as a base), and wouldn't really recommend one over the other except that to say Simplify3d is easier/less work to use after learning Slic3r inside and out. I recommend Slic3r Prusa edition as well as it can easily override acceleration settings on the TLM which are too high in the firmware configuration file. They definitely have differences in the way they generate g-code in which Simplify3d generally seemed to be a little kinder to external shells by hiding retractions inside.

I have the cooling fan running with shrouds at between 35% and 100% (generally it's on 80% for walls, 35% for large flat areas, and 100% for layers less than 15 sec) This increases quality with ABS, and doesn't warp it due to the 50C heated chamber.

3dBenchy outer shells are 30mm/s layer height 0.1618, PSU box outer shells are 60mm/s layer height 0.3236, and speed reduction to 10% for layers that take less than 5 seconds for both. I could go higher but I need to fix the acceleration in the firmware which is 6000mm/s^2 which required gcode to override in simplify3d so I left it alone.

Maybe thats not impressive quality? Don't forget this is ABS at 120mm/s! Benchy took about 35minutes, and the large box (16cm x 8cm x 5cm) with 3mm walls/floor about 2 hrs using essentially the same settings (except layer height, hotend temp and external shell speed, 50% vs 25%)

I might add I have done exactly nothing to troubleshoot oozing from the bowden setup. Just left the retraction at the default of 6.5mm. I think optimising this would be an easy win to up the quality on Benchy, when I have time. Seemed to be little or no blobbing at lower speeds anyway (60mm/s.) At 120mm/s there really is not much to notice about blobbing anyway, really is very minor and infrequently visible on the exterior if at all.. If I drop the speeds to half then of course the quality goes up as does the time ;-)

The layer adhesion in these objects is flawless. I can not break Benchy by hand, its solid, and I'm used to wrenching on engines so I like to think I can apply some force by hand. I also can not separate they layers in the PSU box at all.

Anyway pretty happy with that..

Re: Results

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 12:35 am
by Xerxes
The printer responsible....