Upgrade you Tevo Little Monster - Pro Addition

Little Monster hardware issues, upgrades and configurations
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Upgrade you Tevo Little Monster - Pro Addition

Post by Redemptioner » Sun Feb 04, 2018 11:03 pm

This coming weeks I will be posting up all the detail and the items needed to bring your Tevo Little Monster up to a PRO level. These upgrades and modifications not only significantly improve the print speed and quality it also drastically increases the the range of plastics you can print and ensure repeatable and reliable prints day in and day out.

We will be taking a detailed look at the following upgrades;
- Convert to Duet Wifi (including firmware configuration)
- Convert to Duet Panel
- Convert to lightweight, twisted and shielded wiring
- Modify controller enclosure and wiring
- Convert to genuine E3D Volcano hotend
- Convert to high quality 0.9 degree stepper motors
- Convert to Titan Extruder and 0.9 degree pancake stepper motor
- Convert to IR sensor for Z-probe
- Convert to slimline fan ducts (keep the duct/fans inside the footprint of the effector and reduce weight)
- Convert to 16 Tooth pulleys and idlers
- Modify power supply and mounting
- Add filament detector and guide (detect when out of filament and pause print)
- Add spring mounted heater bed
- Add removable heated bed plate (change beds between prints)
- Add full case enclosure
- Add localized cam
- Add web cam
- Add enclosure lighting
- Add air-scrubber and case ventilation (no more smell)
- Add controlled enclosure heating
- Add 2nd extruder and dual filament detector (for multicolored/filament printing)
- Convert to Piezo Z-probe bed leveling
If it ain't broke then modify it

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