Another Good Reason To Buy A Genuine E3Dv6 Hotend

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Another Good Reason To Buy A Genuine E3Dv6 Hotend

Post by royg » Tue Jun 06, 2017 12:51 am

E3Dv6 - Silicone Socks - Cleaner nozzles and sharper prints.


When my E3Dv6 arrived in the post a few weeks ago, there was in the package this little blue silicon thing. No mention in the list of materials, and nothing at that time in the instructions, or on the E3D web site. So I left it in the box until I found out more about it.

Yesterday I found this article on ......

So I installed the sock and am giving it a try today. First observation is that the silicon material is a really good insulator. After printing for about 30 minutes at 115 degrees, the outside of the silicon sock is still quite cool enough to touch - probably not more than 40 degrees. I'll run a new PID Tune later and see how much the numbers have changed with the sock installed.

As for improved print quality ? Well, I don't have a layer fan installed yet - that's currently being printed. But, from observations so far, I think I'm getting smoother looking sides, and top and bottom layers on my prints, and the small amount of stringing that I had using the 2mm retraction recommended by E3D has gone completely.

So, I'm sold. I've ordered a pack of spare socks to have on hand.

Note: I have no relationship with E3D-Online in the UK. I'm just a happy customer, and a customer who is happy to support the people who originally designed and developed the E3D hotends.

Hope that info is useful.


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