Tevo Seriously Need to take a hard look at themselves

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Re: Tevo Seriously Need to take a hard look at themselves

Post by Xerxes » Sun Nov 18, 2018 2:04 pm

Another follow up, going from the 1.8 degree steppers to 0.9 degree would result in a loss of torque and speed (and in increase in resolution.) Most printers are using 1.8 because they provide sufficient resolution, good speed, and higher torque.

On the TLM I've noticed the upper limits of my effector movements are about 240mm/s with the acceleration at 2000mm/s^2 inner, 800mm/s^2 external (set in slic3r, as I used a Prusa i3 config for the TLM)... I don't see any improvement in speed by going higher.. The steppers at that speed are moving _really_ fast. To be honest I don't know if I'm hitting the configured acceleration limit or the limits of the steppers speed. I feel like it may be somewhere in between as I don't notice all of the extra speed going to 360mm/s.

I haven't tested further because with a 0.6mm nozzle the upper limit of my extrusion capacity is about 120mm/s (.32 layers) .. rending the extra speed moot I suppose, so from that point of view the additional resolution of the 0.9 degrees could potentially be usable.. It begs the question would you notice that resolution with FDM.

The 1.8 degree steppers should be geared to provide sufficient resolution, and if they aren't then it's really an engineering issue rather than a quality one.

At this point I have no intention of changing to 0.9 degree units as I value speed and torque over the increase in resolution which I find is sufficient with 1.8 degrees.

It's all really just a matter of taste. preferring power over finesse (and cost/availability is a bonus.)

But I also think it's worthwhile to encourage people reading this to get the most out of their investment and their stock hardware rather than throw money at it unless they really know why they want to do it.

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