Am I Missing Something in BLTouch Setup?

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Am I Missing Something in BLTouch Setup?

Post by rebeltaz » Thu Feb 14, 2019 6:30 am

I have a BLTouch clone (I know... I will get a real one if I can figure this out) that I have tried to install for months with no success. The pin goes through it's self-test ok, but it does not respond to any g commands.

I have connected the three wire connector to where the pinouts diagram says is Servos_D11, after having reversed the positive and ground wires as directed. I have connected the two wire connector to the the z-min endstop connector. I am including my configuration.h file as I have modified it.

To see if I had somehow fried the sensor, a guy on Thingiverse passed me a program for testing servos that I ran on a spare arduino with the 3dtouch connected. Sure enough, the pin cycled in and out like it should. Obviously the problem is either in the coding, or there is a problem with my board.

The printer is a Tevo Tarantula with an MKS-Base 1.4 board running Marlin 1.1.8. The sensor is a BLTouch clone - a 3dtouch.

Any help or advice at all will be greatly appreciated!
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